Wow… sola solar

Ok, absolutely gratuitous plug – check out this site, with some of the most awesome pictures of the sun that I have seen.  This of course ties into much of the scientfic research being done here at SANAE that I am frankly too gobsmacked by these pictures to tell you about…

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  1. dreamingspires Says:

    Great blog and some amazing pics — in fact amazing life out there!

  2. dreamingspires Says:

    are you on twitter?

  3. neerav Says:

    Hi Dr Ross, I found your excellent site through my Twitter friend @Dreamingspires

    Ever since I saw the Documentary “Antarctica: Encounters at the End of the World” earlier this year I’ve wanted to get in touch with someone who does a job like yours

    Would you consider being a guest writer on my travel/photo site and tell my readers your story about the highs & lows of living/working in Antarctica?

    if so please email me

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