Thar she blows!

A frequent question from readers of the blog, and anyone with whom I have contact back home, is “How’s the weather?” Certainly, being resident on a continent worthy of the reputation of “coldest, windiest place on Earth” makes on cognisant of the forces of nature. I haven’t yet been clever enough to write some code to provide a continuous weather feed from our monitoring equipment, but what I can do is to update the blog every now and then with some of our info. To start off, I’ve bugged Santjie, our meteorologist, to give me our ‘records’ for the year so far:

Highest temperature recorded this year
11 January: -1.3 °C
Lowest absolute temperature (not including wind-chill)
10 March: -20.5 °C
Lowest apparent temperature (including wind-chill)
Estimated at -43 °C (Canadian Tables)
Greatest wind-speed was recorded during our last storm (yesterday!)
  77 knots (146 km/h or 40.6 m/sec)

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