SANAE IV on Wikipedia

I noticed some time ago – and was subsequently prompted by other members of the team – that information about SANAE, SANAP and the base is either rudimentary or lacking on Wikipedia.  Knowing that most people turn to the internet as their first option when seeking information, I’ve been meaning to do something about the problem.  Now finally, it’s beginning to happen – SANAE IV appears on Wikipedia for the first time. Here’s a screen-shot if you are too preoccupied to go to Wikipedia:

I’ve had to learn the Wiki mark-up language in the process and become a confirmed user in order to add images and do more advanced editing, but I must admit that creating and editing Wiki content becomes quite fun once you are in the swing of it.  This is my first attempt, but I’m sure I’ll go on to do more.  Of course, the joy or Wikipedia is that you can alter the content, so if you’re connected to the SANAP program or any of the research projects, get going and make improvements.  I’ll be building on the pages as time goes on.

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