Good vibrations

Just a quick note to say it’s official: We’ve broken the 150 km/h wind-speed barrier.  The current storm outside has just had a peak gust hit 83.6 knots, or 154 km/h, with the average speed around 70 knots. There is no sign of abatement; if anything, it’s been picking up through the day. Everything that can hum, rattle or vibrate in the base is adding to the ambiance; one can feel the gusts through the floor and see the windows deform. They say the base can withstand 300km/h… will we find out?

I’ve been trying to set up a direct weather feed on this page, with some lack of success. However, in the meantime, I have a link which updates regularly. Click the link to Current Weather Info on the right, or the banner below to go direct to the WeatherUnderground site.

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