Go out and get some…

One of the great unsung stories of the expedition is the phenomenal, and often spontaneous support we’ve had from individuals and companies back home.  Sure, we get everything we need from SANAP, but there are lots of little comforts that have been donated which warm the heart and keep us feeling close to home.  One of my personal evening occupations is to enjoy my meal with a glass of red wine – being raised in the Western Cape in South Africa, a short distance from many world-renowned wine farms, has given me the privilege of enjoying the sweet fruits of Bacchus on a regular occasion.  I’m no high-nosed expert, but a pleasant glass of wine with the scent of home is too great to ignore.  Fortunately, many farms and cellars made gifts of wine (and port, brandy, etc.) to the team.

Tonight we enjoyed a bottle which was held in very high acclaim by all who sipped – a 2002 Kanu Merlot, limited reserve.  Well rounded and fragrant, it has aged well and survived the trip to Antarctica well.  If you’re in a position to do so, go out and snap up a couple of bottles.  You won’t regret it.

Kanu can be contacted via their web-site at www.kanu.co.za

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