Christmas Wishes

Here is Ross’s Christmas card sent from the boat:

Spirits on-board are rising again.  We’ve managed to escape the ice after four days entrapment, and it looks as if all goes well that our Christmas present will be arrival at the Ice Shelf.  I can’t write much, but with Christmas goodwill I’ve persuaded our radio officer (aka Sparks) to allow me to send this small ‘Christmas Card’ – hope you’ll accept it in lieu of a real present. 

Christmas Card

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  1. Leon Says:

    My dear friend. Merry Christmas and Blessed be this new Polar Year!!! I love your blog and I can’t wait to see the photos. I had a week of frogs, raindrops and alien-song over Christmas… magnificent (but very strange weather for this time of year; the magnetosphere must be a thoroughly confused place).

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