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The Last of the Light

Sunday, May 25th, 2008

On May 17th we saw the last rays of sun before the winter – you can read about it in my previous post, Little Rays of Sunshine.  At the time, I shot some video footage, and have acquired software to edit it, so I’m now pleased to present my cinematographic début, “The Last of the Light.”


Warning – this is a large file (15 Mb) and is not recommended for users on slow connections.

April SANAE 47 Newsletter

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

The April newsletter for the team is available here online – click the link to go to the PDF file. Enjoy

SANAE 47 Newsletter – April 2008

Spindrift (fine particles of ice and snow) form ethereal shifting patterns known as \'snowsnakes\' as they are blown across the landscape

Carte Blanche to air Antarctic segment

Friday, March 21st, 2008

For those in South Africa – you may want to make a date to catch Carte Blanche on M-Net this Sunday (23 March), as they will be airing a short segment on SANAE, using footage shot by the Fosters during the summer season (see the link to the International Polar Year Documentary).  I’m not sure of the content, but the imagery captured by the Fosters is stunning, so it’ll be worth watching.  Yours truly appears a few times in the film, so if you’re unlucky I might make an appearance… *grin*.  In any case, this is a prime opportunity to see something of Antarctica, and you’ll have a sneak preview of the film, scheduled to be released next month.

For the international readership – I’m trying to arrange a copy that I can make available here on AntarcticDoctor, so watch this space.