Lorentzenpiggen (Lorentz’ Peak) is our nearest significant nunatak neighbour, which a distinctive shape that is easily recognised from afar.   The journey crosses several crevassed areas, but is worthwhile both for the scientific value and for scenic beauty.  It is the site of geological and biological research, and is home to lichen and small mites.  We made the trip as part of a geodesic experiment to establish both a radar reflector used for satellite altimetry, and a differential GPS marker plate.  DGPS achieves sub-centimeter accuracy, and the network of marker stations being placed on our neighbouring mountains will allow scientists to monitor the geographic stability of the area, as well as the effect that the massive glacial forces have on the rock itself. 

3 Responses to “Lorentzenpiggen”

  1. xplorer Says:

    Hi Ross, I just caught up reading your blog from beginning to end. What an exciting opportunity you have there. I am sure you will return to SA a changed man, for the better.
    All the best,
    Keith P.

  2. Dylan Knott Says:

    Hey Ross.

    Looks like you are enjoying the ice box. Is that your “local” pose?



  3. Fabrice S Says:

    I see you still have the short hair. Looks like your having fun while keeping things serious. Hey what an opportunity, enjoy it. Fabrice.

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