Christening my Spiky Bits

Ice Climbing in the Windscoop at Knotten

We recently had the opportunity to travel to a nearby nunatak (mountain peak jutting out through the ice) called Knotten, in order to retrieve geodesic survey equipment.  As this didnâ??t take too long, I snatched up the chance to christen my ice-axes and crampons on the steep ice in the windscoop.  It was a beautifully ‘warm’ day wth the temperature just below zero and no wind.  More photos to follow soon.

4 Responses to “Christening my Spiky Bits”

  1. Leon Says:

    Wawaweewah! That looks like fun.

  2. Robynn Says:

    Yip, that’s pretty much how it’s always been since you were a small child, always climbing something. Suppose it was inevitable that it would have to be an ice-shelf at some stage . . . . . .

    Hope you found a good replacement nut to hold that ice-spike together. No, no, the OTHER nut. :)

  3. SATFISH Says:

    I’ll remember the name “Knotten”.

    Just tell us please Doctor:

    Why is your backpack so big?
    Why does it look so familiar?
    Won’t you send us some more pho’os (also from your way down)?

  4. Ross Hofmeyr Says:

    Yo, Satfish 😉 Good to hear from you.

    In answer to your questions:
    1) My backpack is so big ‘cos it’s full of warm clothes, sleeping bag, medical kit, food and all the other things we take along if we venture into the field. The weather can go from nice to nightmare within 30 minutes, so when we are away from base we have to be ready to outlast a storm.
    2) No, it does not contain my paraglider.
    3) Yes, I will post more and more as the bandwidth improves.

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